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Structured for speed and efficiency, we strive to pivot as fast as the digital marketplace.

  • Landing Page Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Email & SMS Automation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Managed Services

Custom built solutions focused on your customer to drive more sales.​

Fully-custom responsive design and redesign with one common goal; converting prospects. Creative thinking and smarter technology working for you.

Design - We help brands make big first impressions.

Experience - User experience that drives engagement.

Technology - If you can dream it, we can code it.

Mobile - Future ready? You bet.

Our Website Design, Planning & Execution

While we love beautiful web design, we understand that no site can thrive on aesthetics alone. A website should pay for itself by generating business and serving as a powerful marketing tool. In order to do this, sites must satisfy industry best practices for User Experience, Search Engine Optimization and Development.

The two most important success factors for an online business are driving and converting qualified traffic. Each visitor is a potential customer and you have just seconds to capture their attention. Through effective use of clear messaging, calls to action and conversion-oriented user interface design, our aim is to drive engagement and increase sales.

Professional Google & Bing Ads management for growth focused clients.​

We take the time to:

  • Make decisions based not just on clicks or even leads and sales, but on your actual business plan and revenue generated from your search advertising campaigns.
  • Gain better control with the best campaign structure for your business model.
  • Maximize profit with the right attribution model.
  • Increase revenue with smart account expansion tactics.
  • Make the most of the busy season and mitigate losses during slow periods with proactive seasonal strategies.
  • Crush the competition by getting into early-stage feature beta testing with Google and Microsoft.

Improve your ad spend on drive a higher ROI with our "funnel" approach.​

Here’s our approach to search advertising:

  • Grow profit while reducing costs by replicating what works with your best keywords and cutting the keywords that only waste money.
  • Win the moments that matter with the right text ad in front of the right person at the exact right time by optimizing bids based on dimensional factors like geography, device, time and search intent.
  • Balance the complexity of large, enterprise-level accounts with streamlined, accurate concierge reporting.
  • Improve efficiency with the right use of our proprietary tools, off-the-shelf technology, and manual optimizations – all customized for your account.

Lead generation through advanced segmentation & personalized workflows.​

Far too often, websites are built without consideration of core business goals. This leads to wasted time and money and frustrated clients. Throughout our design and development process, we continually evaluate what is required to deliver a successful end product.

Email marketing is the best way to deliver personalized, rich content that feels specially designed for the person receiving it. With segmented, nurturing, and retention campaigns, you will form deeper connections with potential customers as you guide them toward purchase.

Centralize your marketing database and gain better business insights.

  • Lead generation
  • Goal-based workflows
  • Email marketing
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Lifecycle marketing
  • Content strategy
  • Analytics that surround the entire funnel
  • Website integration
  • Call tracking

Full funnel & user experience expertise, shortening the path to conversion for qualified web traffic.​

What happens after the click? Make sure you have an answer.

Having eyes on your landing page or form is one thing, but until a visitor clicks "submit," they have little impact on your actual business. That's why we follow through with tracking, testing and optimizing your traffic's journey to the very end: Conversions.

Here's how we make our CRO strategies uniquely designed to deliver results:

A/B Testing All Changes: We only suggest changes after we know they work. That's because we run A/B tests against your original landing page for even the smallest changes, and we don't jump to any conclusions before enough data has been collected to reach statistical significance. Only then do we report that a change is worth implementing -- or, just as important, that it isn't.

Multivariate Testing: We don't just test one thing at a time. We're constantly on the lookout for multiple possible outcomes, and we build that into our testing process. That way you get the most results in the fastest way possible, without having to wait for a 10-step process to make a small optimization.

The ultimate goal of CRO is to create a path of least resistance for the user, thus increasing your results both short- and long-term. A/B testing, checking for uniformity in voice, suggesting website design changes, highlighting exclusive offers or differentiators, and other battle-tested rules for optimization allow us to analyze the nuances in your users' behavior and deliver maximized results for your business.

Continual Optimization: Once a test has been completed, it doesn't stop there. Whichever version fared the best in a test (the original landing page or our tested changes), we run another test, and then another, so that you don't just know that method B works better than method A - you’ll know that method Y and Z do as well.

End-to-end agile project management for short term engagements or day-to-day execution with technical expertise.​

Proactive customer-first, custom solutions.

As your technology expert and partner, we manage and maintain your IT infrastructure even after solutions have been deployed.

We employ cutting edge hardware and software for cyber security & compliance management in the ongoing fight against hacks, spam, viruses, malware and the like. Our technologies and procedures include penetration testing, auditing and log maintenance, WAP Security, SSO Techniques (sniffers etc.), anti-virus / malware protection and more.

Growthlogix will provide your organization with a dedicated virtual CTO to guide your business and assist with things like software and hardware installation, system monitoring, user account management, project management. Our 24/7 technical support staff is in-house, and U.S. based.

With thousands of tech solutions available, finding the right solution that resolves your unique problem is overwhelming. You need a solution that not only fits your needs but makes your accounting department happy. 

We will work with you determine what services would best solve your IT headaches. As your technology partner, we create a plan of implementation and deploy your solutions, but our partnership doesn’t end there. After your solutions deploy, we proactively monitor your systems to discover vulnerabilities before they become threats and suggest services that help you reach your ever-changing goals.

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