Clinical Trial Recruitment

Biopharmaceutical companies and physicians alike turn to Growthlogix for our proven ability to expedite clinical trial patient recruitment.

Physicians & Biotech

Focused on providing a unique, customized program for each and every clinical trial we undertake – along with superior service delivered by a highly responsive, experienced team – has led directly to superior results for our clients time and again. And that means substantial ROI for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Solutions for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Proven online tools and processes, established global contacts, leveraged intelligent data, and a multilingual support team allows us to bring a new breed of networked services to clinical trial patient recruitment.ll strategies and tactics are approved by you before implementation.

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of patients used tablets or mobile devices on a daily basis for research and/or to book appointments
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Accelerating Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment through Targeted Digital Strategies

Grow practice awareness, gain new patients, increase patient satisfaction, improve care, and lower marketing costs.

98% Sponsor/IRB approval on 1st submission.

By identifying what the sponsor and IRB preferences are for ad approval, we custom design ads to
respect those preferences while maximizing the motivational intent of the ads. This is done at the front end to minimize regulatory approval delays in starting your campaign.

Healthcare Centric Marketing Solutions

Grow practice awareness, gain new patients, increase patient satisfaction, improve care, and lower marketing costs.

Medical Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you’re new to Pay Per Click, you need a strategy to maximize potential ROI. Our team specializes in data-driven campaign design. We perform extensive research when designing Pay Per Click strategies to understand your business, audience, and competition.

Medical Website Design

The powerful and customizable website gives each business the attention it deserves. Mobile friendly and SEO optimized allows for automatic submission to multiple listing syndication outlets. Make your listings stand out.

Medical Practice Social Media

To keep your finger on your target market’s pulse, you need a strong social media strategy. Our specialists understand which metrics matter and deliver reports to you that make it easy to understand how social media strategy is contributing to your bottom line

Reputation Management & SEO

Our suite of medical and biotech-focused Reputation & Review Management and SEO services meets the needs of professionals and brands throughout their development and growth lifecycles. If you’re looking to establish your digital presence or if online reviews are negatively affecting your business our tailored solutions will help.

HIPAA Compliance

Aside from an in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements, we can easily handle creating compliant marketing programs, as all of our servers exceed HIPPA compliance requirements.


We are trusted by some of the biggest names in the business for a reason. Our strategic partners allow us to leverage our resources to deliver the best results.

Digital is all we do. No, IT integration required. Enrollment focused. Fast Setup.

Increase exposure for your study listing.

Highly-targeted ads are shown online to people who enter relevant keywords into search engines like Google. These ads are designed to recruit strategically and efficiently. They will only be shown to people in and around your study market (geotargeted) who are searching for information related to your study ads.

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